We offer flexible financing options.

When your roof begins to age and shingles go missing, it’s time to take action to protect your home. At RoofTech Consulting & Construction, we do all we can to keep the exterior of your home looking and functioning at its best. While you may feel concerned that you cannot afford roof repairs or a roof replacement, we disagree. Our financing options allow you to invest in a new roof without stressing about the cost.

We provide assistance with insurance.

If your roof has been damaged and you are hoping to use insurance to help cover roofing services, we can help with that too. Once you call our team of roofing contractors, we create all of our own documents that are often used by insurance companies later on in the claim. In the past, we have been quite successful in getting previously denied claims overturned, and we would be happy to try to do the same for you. After all, we want a new roof over your head as much as you do!

Contact us to get started!

File insurance claims with confidence with our roofing company by your side. RoofTech Consulting & Construction is here to help. Contact us today to learn more, schedule your roof inspection, or get started with our roof repair and replacement services in Atlanta!