Homeowners Insurance Companies reccomend that you have your roof assessed every 1 to 2 years. When was the last time you had your roof checked?

What is included in a Free Roof Maintenance Package?

  • Repair Nail Pops
  • Seal Pipe Boots
  • Check all Roofing Accessories
  • Emergency Tarping (if necessary)
  • Repair Flashing Problems
  • Sealing Oxidized Nail Heads
  • Inspection of Chimney and Chimney Caps
  • Inspect Slopes and Adjacent Walls
  • Measure Thickness Gauge and Life of Shingles
  • Seal Any Openings
  • Apply Hydrophobic Membrane (as needed)
  • Temporary Repair of Storm Damage Shingles

If your roof is in good shape we will give you a good bill of health including the estimated number of years remaining on your roof. This can be helpful in selling your home or for planning for future repairs or replacement.

Free Maintenance Package